West Boca Raton 2017 wide receiver Shavon Taylor ended the year as a Top 25 player in his class. He finished with 72 catches for 1,090 yards in 10 games played for the Bulls.

This is our last Builder Board update for the current senior class in Palm Beach County.

1. DE Jonathan Garvin (Lake Worth) [PR: 1]

2. WR Tyron Arnett (Pahokee) [PR: 3]

3. DE Tyler Williams (Oxbridge Academy) [PR: 4]

4. DB Marquis Waters (Delray Beach Atlantic) [PR: 2]

5. CB Jarques McClellion (Delray Beach American Heritage) [PR: 12]

6. WR Jake Birmelin (Palm Beach Gardens) [PR: 18]

7. QB Toddy Centeio (Dwyer) [PR: 5]

8. DB Amari Carter (Palm Beach Gardens) [PR: 6]

9. ATH Quantino Allen (Glades Central) [PR: 9]

10. RB Rodney McKay (Pahokee) [PR: 8]

11. QB Tyrone Smith (Pahokee) [PR: 10]

12. RB Anthony Wynds (Palm Beach Central) [PR: 13]

13. QB James Blackman (Glades Central) [PR: 11]

14. LB Vandarius Cowan (Palm Beach Gardens) [PR: 7]

15. ATH Adarius Dent (Pahokee) [PR: 15]

16. CB Endrickson Boucher (Boynton Beach) [PR: 16]

17. LB Raven Saunders (Dwyer) [PR: 17]

18. WR Siurpry Rinvil (Glades Central) [PR: 31]

19. ATH Trey Ingraham (St. John Paul II) [PR: 26]

20. CB Archie Johnson (Pahokee) [PR: 14]

21. CB Cedrick Dort (Dwyer) [PR: 19]

22. OL Mikey Garafolo (Palm Beach Central) [PR: 20]

23. CB Datrone Young (Delray Beach Atlantic) [PR: 21]

24. LB Rodrick Martin (Glades Central) [PR: 22]

25. WR Shavon Taylor (West Boca Raton) [PR: NR]

26. RB Jakairi Moses (Dwyer) [PR: 23]

27. OL Jerry Drake (Palm Beach Gardens) [PR: 24]

28. OL/DL Robert Holmes (Oxbridge Academy) [PR: 25]

29. DE/LB K’Jakyre Daley (Suncoast) [PR: 30]

30. QB Zavion Thompson (Delray Beach Atlantic) [PR: 27]

31. DB George Hunter III (Boynton Beach) [PR: 28]

32. WR D’J Edwards (Palm Beach Lakes) [PR: 29]

33. CB Josh Turner (Delray Beach American Heritage) [PR: 23]

34. QB Eli Matthews (Palm Beach Gardens) [PR: NR]

35. QB Armani Edden (Palm Beach Lakes) [PR: 41]

36. DB Carson Powell (Cardinal Newman) [PR: 35]

37. DB Rodley Jolicoeur (Village Academy) [PR: 34]

38. OL/DL B.J. Crawford (Pahokee) [PR: 36]

39. WR Antoine Jerome (Boynton Beach) [PR: 37]

40. WR Leonard Woods (Suncoast) [PR: 43]

41. RB/LB Josh Powell (Suncoast) [PR: 42]

42. DE/TE Noah Curtis (Delray Beach American Heritage) [PR: 44]

43. ATH Max Marius (Lake Worth) [PR: 45]

44. QB Ben Schmickle (Wellington) [PR: 39]

45. LB Devonte Gillins (Royal Palm Beach) [PR: 47]

46. ATH Alec Sinkfield (Delray Beach American Heritage) [PR: 40]

47. RB Demetrius Martin (Glades Central) [PR: 48]

48. ATH Jordan Jackson (Park Vista) [PR: 46]

49. ATH Jalen Kinder (Delray Beach American Heritage) [PR: NR]

50. LB Roy Walker (Pahokee) [PR: NR]

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