Harvesting Nettles

Harvesting Nettles. Strain the tonic, discard the leaves, add a few drops of essential oils and place the tonic in a bottle. Bundle them like flax and allow them to dry.

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Use 3 cups of loose fresh nettles in the biscuit recipe, 6 cups in the soup. They offer early spring greens, beneficial herbal medicine, as well as fibre for textiles and cordage. Do not shake too hard, otherwise the seeds will fall off!

Allow Stinging Nettles To Dry Completely (About Two Weeks Will Suffice).

Carefully place nettles into a paper or plastic bag for transport. Uses for stinging nettle root. Store in an airtight container in a dark place.

Cut The Nettles And Gently Place Them In The Box.

Limit your harvest to young, tender. You could also dry them out in a dehydrator if you have one to speed up the process. Clip it near the ground.

Do Not Shake Too Hard, Otherwise The Seeds Will Fall Off!

The best time to harvest nettles is in the early weeks of spring when the leaves are still tender. Learn the best tips to harvest this nutrient dense wild plant from herbalist, yarrow willard. Cut them with shears at ground level.

However, You Can Reduce Your Risk Of A Rash With One Simple Trick:

Bring a large pot of water to boil, and add a few pinches of salt. They should dry in about 24 hours in a. The flowers are present from july to september, while the seeds are ripe from late september / early october.

I Pick Long Stems With Scissors And Then Use The Scissors To Cut Off The Leaves.

Come harvest some nettles with us! For fiber, harvest the entire stem. The benefits of nettle root are unsubstantiated but may be useful in relieving symptoms associated with enlarged prostate.

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